Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Semantics, Connotations, Victim

Some thoughts about yesterday's post:

Delivered is a word that may have different connotations. I am using it in the sense of the miraculous. That having been delivered, it is as if the thing delivered from had never existed, for example no longer having cancer.

The medical community has accepted the classification of alcoholism as a disease. Somewhere there is money spent on finding a "cure". The phenomenon of Alcoholics Anonymous brought attention and investigation. Without being able to find the root cause, the evidence that alcoholism was progressive, chronic and fatal showed them that the alcoholic was incapable of curing himself. Thus they classified such a sufferer as a victim.

Hence there is a great divide on certain issues. Victims of an alcoholic's behavior(s) have a very emotional reaction to the idea that the alcoholic is/was not responsible for those actions. Recovered alcoholics need to believe that lack of will-power was not their problem. Both are right only when you view alcoholism's root cause as the true design of God, not as a design flaw.

The alcoholic's responsibility for his sins comes from missing his calling. The will to stop drinking and end the nightmare is not in them. There needs to be deliverance from the sin, but not from the design. Alcoholism is not to blame, nor is God. The individual sinned AND is an alcoholic; these two should not be merged.


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