Friday, December 30, 2005

No More Staggering

I Timothy 4:8,9
... but godliness is profitable unto all things, having promise of the life that now is, and of that which is to come.

This is a faithful saying, and worthy of all acceptation.
I have relearned some lessons lately. The fact that I had to relearn them has caused me much grief. I pray that writing them here will help.
ONE: Worship God with other people.
Worshipping God while alone did not take me where I needed to be. Praising God alone does well out of me when I have invested time praising God with others. These two are noticeably different. The first is like trying to build a fire amidst too many ashes. The Holy Spirit is in the breath of other believers!
TWO: Pray for others.
It is a downward spiral. When I neglect to do this, I become more and more needy and it becomes all I can do to cry to God to help me. There is an underlying feeling that I am undeserving, especially so when I am so grateful for others prayers on my behalf.
When I am faithful to give, I believe God promises; I feel secure. When I do not, I cry when I hear the promises. When I give faithfully, I never think whether I can afford to. When I do not, I can never afford to.
FOUR: Waking Up
What I do first is important. I am undisciplined and rebel against doing the same thing over and over. When I find a way that works, I quickly grow weary. So, I am not the one to turn to for advice (unless you would like a long list of methods that work, but that I no longer do). In spite of this I will tell you of a new one I am excited about. I intend to take a pen an write out some verses the night before and leave them next to me when I go to bed. Viola`. In the morning I will not have to do the impossible (think clearly). It will already be done for me!
FIVE: Openmindness
I have always patted myself on the back as being a seeker of truth. I am zealous to know God's word. I am zealous to examine doctrinal teachings. Sounds good, has merit. My downfall is that I also become zealous for certain doctrines. As I examine these, I find that I gravitate towards those that agree with my predisposition. Even this does not sound too bad, but I do not recommend it. Also, I sometimes find myself stuck between two doctrines in opposition to each other (can you say "double minded").
James 1:8
A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways.
I wrote down what some of these words mean to me:
ways- means; resources
Have resources been lacking for me lately? Check.
unstable- unsure; able to plan but not carry out the plan; unable to retain value; staggering
I am familiar with staggering/ drunkenness. The image is distressing. Lately, in spite of my physical sobriety I have been figuratively staggering. I willing to change this. I repent. I will change, in Jesus name, Amen.
PS- All Bible quotes are from the King James version of the Bible, so I am not subject to lawsuits or death or whatever.


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