Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Some days all that I can do is cry "Jesus help me!" I wish that this changed things instantly, but it never has. The answer has always come (it always comes through people). But the answer is something that I need to wait for and watch for.

Yesterday's answer is not the help I crave today. It is very much like eating. It is reminiscent of the story about manna. While there is a value in yesterday's sustenance (it has allowed me to get this far and has become part of me), I need sustenance today. Yesterday's eating does not satisfy today's hunger.

So I have become faithful to pray every day. Some days I desire to pray more than anything. I have come to know that God wants to be with me. I seem to be getting answers to life's decisions and that has been wonderful. Today I need a question, perhaps that is what is causing me to feel my broken heart and little else. I will try asking God for a question to pray about. I am sure there are many. Then I can turn my thoughts to waiting for an answer.


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