Tuesday, August 29, 2006


One can only apply oneself to adding value to today.

It is so very true of life; it is so often experienced that tomorrow or some future day holds surprises that change everything.

The certainty of both the amount of and the power of The Unknown MUST be taken for granted.

So it is only today, or the present, or the now that can be grasped- for God; for right; for righteousness; for flying with the eagles. Refer to the Sermon on the Mount where Jesus says plainly, "Take no thought for tomorrow; sufficient for the day is the evil thereof..."


The focus we must have is to help others and thereby combat the evil. It is ever true that our brother is experiencing evil against him. Our brother can not fight well against his own distress, depression and discouragement, but we can. We fight for him by encouraging, edifying, blessing, etc.- in a word LOVING him.

This is also our own necessity. Again we can not win through on our own power alone. We too need love and this is willingly provided by God for us through other people.

Blessings forever in Christ,


Sunday, August 27, 2006


Patience is like weight lifting; repetition causes growth, the ability to be more patient.

At any specific point in time, there will still be weights that you are unable to lift, burdens that you are unable to bear.

Situations arise where decisions must be made. Wisdom is needed to understand when to exercise patience.

The most obvious choice is always based on maximizing benefit to ourselves, but most often using superficial criteria.

The negative components of "the obviously most beneficial choice" are subconsciously but purposefully minimized to allow the favored choice to be made. These burdens can easily turn out to be too heavy once the choice is actualized.

(glad to be back!)