Sunday, January 22, 2006

Personal Update

One day I seemed to be prompted by the Spirit to pray for a new and better place to live. The next day the news came that we had to move. I live in a sober house in Philadelphia. The house was being vacated and we were being relocated. So blogging went from being easy to difficult. I am not too happy with the new place. For one thing it is farther from my job, but mostly it is farther from my old home wherein dwell my ex-wife and two children. The one thing that has happened is that I have begun asking around so maybe there is something good in my future. Please pray for me. Meanwhile I will be a little slow in posting new thoughts. Meanwhile please read some of the older stuff. I pray that it will have value in bringing you closer to our heavenly Father.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006


I struggle with the reality of being God's servant. It sounds so good. Let me rephrase that- it is the best of the best of the best of the...

But there are levels of dedication, levels of desire, and God requires more and deeper commitment from those who want to be willing. You cannot get much beyond the beginning when it starts to get uncomfortable. Fear cannot be allowed to rule, yet it is right in your face all the time trying to get you to turn back, to give up.


Some days all that I can do is cry "Jesus help me!" I wish that this changed things instantly, but it never has. The answer has always come (it always comes through people). But the answer is something that I need to wait for and watch for.

Yesterday's answer is not the help I crave today. It is very much like eating. It is reminiscent of the story about manna. While there is a value in yesterday's sustenance (it has allowed me to get this far and has become part of me), I need sustenance today. Yesterday's eating does not satisfy today's hunger.

So I have become faithful to pray every day. Some days I desire to pray more than anything. I have come to know that God wants to be with me. I seem to be getting answers to life's decisions and that has been wonderful. Today I need a question, perhaps that is what is causing me to feel my broken heart and little else. I will try asking God for a question to pray about. I am sure there are many. Then I can turn my thoughts to waiting for an answer.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Did you ever?

They were Jonah's hated enemies. They were the enemies of God, the true and living God.
Jonah resisted the Word. He fled as far and as hard as he could in the opposite direction. In spite of his best efforts, he arrived at the place God wanted him to be in a manner that must have caused him some very serious nervous system damage.
Jonah finally had to tell his enemies that God was going to destroy them for their wickedness. Jonah had a message that caused repentance. Lo and behold, the enemies of God accepted the message and changed.

Friday, January 06, 2006

I started to pray. I had to ask God to forgive my lack of prayer. I have begun to receive answers. I pray for you.
Life can be good.
God really does love me.
The reason God wants me to pray is because He wants to be with me.
Some things take longer to heal than others.
I do not have to be afraid.
Praying for others is very important.
Hear the Word, hear it with others.
Praise God with others as often as you can.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

A prayer for us.

I am trying to fight the good fight of faith. I have accepted living in the hole that I dug for myself too long. I pray for those who may read this. I pray that the Father will enlighten you and inspire you too look up and believe that He is willing and able to raise our lives to a new level. Give liberally, pray without ceasing, seek and be thankful for every opportunity to worship God. Rest in Him, His peace is beyond our understanding.
I pray against the spirit of oppression. I pray against the lies and destruction that comes against the children of faith. The blood of Christ has already destroyed the works of the enemy. Thank God for this, there IS hope. I ask that the fruits of the spirit would fill our lives to overflowing, in Jesus name. Amen.