Monday, April 23, 2007

Fear is the Mind Killer

When I was a young boy and was about to received my first injection (needle, shot), our doctor told me what was about to happen. He suggested that in spite of any nervousness I may be experiencing that I should try to remain very still. If I tried to move to avoid the pain it would actually make the pain greater.

Centuries later ;-) I passed this bit of wisdom on to my children before their first injections.

Today I had to drag Sam (the dog) into the tub to get a bath. I tried telling him that it would be much less stressful for him to simply jump into the tub, but he decided to obey his fear instead. Amen.


Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sin and Alcohol

Drinking alcohol is not a sin. This is obvious by just a cursory study of the Bible.

So why are there those of us who MUST remain sober?

We are a group with common traits. Only we are sure (because only we have the experience) that it was not a lack of will power that made it impossible to stop being drunk - that made it a miracle that we are now sober. What trait within us as a group made it impossible to stop the downward spiral of ever increasing drunkenness? This unknown has been termed "alcoholism". So our major similar trait as a group has a name. It is a name that is destined to be forever misunderstood.



Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Dog- Part One

I live with a dog- his name is Sam. Since Sam is no longer a puppy, he is at an age when he pushes hard for a touch of independence. Sam has issues.

He who controls the bowel movement, controls the life.

Sam has one major preoccupation in life. He is intent on getting me to give him one of the treats that reside in the box he cannot reach. This has become the primary tool in my negotiations with him. One of my demands is that I not find doggie doo in my house. This has lead to the "two for poo" program which has been highly sucessful.

Paul states in the Bible, "The hand cannot say to the eye, 'I have no need of you'."

I once heard a commentary on this verse. The parts of the body were embroiled in an argument on who was the most important. The brain, the heart, the hands, etc. all made their strong cases. But the sphincter muscle just shut up.

Every member has a story. It is a story written by God. That is where our individual value lies. It is not in vain arguments and repetitions of things that we have learned from outside ourselves. (This seems to always be given the greater emphasis,) But it the things we have personal knowledge of (which is our individual story) that is the highest truth that we can share. This is powerful; this IS truth, and JESUS IS THE TRUTH.


Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Sober Still

Lots of time has gone by. I am still sober.

I am more than ever convinced that alcoholism is a condition of blessing rather than a curse. It is drunkenness that is the curse and the sin. Sobriety is a prerequisite to being helpful to our fellowman. Only then do we avoid the nightmare; only then is reality not a nightmare.